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External Venetian Blinds


External Venetian Blinds for buildings are a highly effective solution for solar control, reflecting light and heat before it reached the building structure. The reduce glare and thermal gain while improving natural light and distribution and maximizing energy savings.
The external venetian blinds reduce the amount of heat from the sun entering a building. Up to 93% of the heat can be screened by reflection and absorption. Resilient blades and hardware are engineered for protection from harsh weather conditions, including strong winds, ice and snow.
The retrofit application reduces costly construction alterations. The high quality slat and component material, pre-treatment and coating provide durability. External applications can also inspire architecture features, create large outdoor areas, provide privacy and protection from sun and other weather conditions. The External Venetian Blinds is fully imported from Australia.


Slat Option:
150mm , 100mm , 89mm

Accessories / Options:
Standard Pelmet, High Pelmet, GPS. Motorization