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Honey Comb Blinds


Honeycomb blinds provide the ultimate versatility in light control, privacy and style in any room. Translucent fabrics gently filter light while maintaining privacy and protect your furnishing from UV Fading. Top-down-bottom-up systems in honeycomb blinds allow you to raise your shades from the bottom and lower them from the top at the same time, this giving maximum flexibility in the control of light and privacy.

Control: String, Chain

Accessories / Options:
Motorization: Somfy CLS, Top Down Bottom Up, Cassette, scallops

Fabric Range:
Blackout, Sheer, Nonwooden, Dual Color Nonwooden, 25mmm Single Cell, 38mm Single Cell, Dual Cell.

Details of Plant & Machinery:
a) Fabric Cutting Machine
b) Track Cutting Machine
c) Drilling Machine