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Panel Blinds


lnspired by the Asian culture, Panel Blinds is one of the most versatile and contemporary solutions for large windows.  With the various selections of fabrics, you can choose to customize the Panel Blinds to reduce solar heat and light while maintaining privacy requirement. Moreover, Panel Blinds can be used as a room divider which can retract easily via manual operations or motorized systems.

Panels: 3, 4, 5, 6
Control: Sequence: String & Baton (String 3,4, 5)
Free Flow: Clip On

Eye let, Bottom Bar (Flat Bar, Round Bar) Velcro, Screw scallops
Motorization :  Somfy Glydea,  Somfy lrismo

Fabric Range:-
Sunscreen, Blackout, Non-Woven, Green, Jacquard, Printed, Natural

Details of Plant & Machinery:
a) Fabric Cutting Machine
b) Track Cutting Machine