Digital Read-Out (DRO)

From basic to multi-functional ones, our DRO is compatible to many measuring systems. If needed, axes scales can be replaced to accomplish the retrofitting. Built with strong casing, our DRO is meant for heavy duty or usage in production floors. When others do not have, we have solutions for you!

Applied Field:
| Digital readout DP100 & DP300 is a mature product designed for the 2D measurement field, it is applicable with the optical measuring instruments, such as profile projector, video measuring system, toolmaker microscope and other vision measuring system, It is especially used with profile projector, and it can measure complicated geometry graph. Measurement includes workpiece skew, establishment of coordinates system, and so on.

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Main Function:

  • Measurement of point, line, circle, angle, distance, rectangle and screw thread, preset and constructure, the sampling points up to 50;
  • Coordinate skew and movement, it is more convenient that the operator can skew position of workpieces for measuring, which reduce adjust time obviously;
  • Clearance function can delete list, adjustment, and all;
  • Opposite direction counting function, according to user’s requirement;
  • Half function, rapidly determine to display 1/2 value, and comfirm midpoint of section;
  • Permission function: advanced setup can be done after right password input.
  • Call function: input record ID to use existing element;
  • Communication port of foot-switch or reinshaw probe available;
  • Printing: print graphic elements and 3-axis displaying value;
  • RS232 output function: convey current position of linear scale to PC;
  • USB output: through USB cable convey sata to PC;
  • Multi-display, separately display polar coordinates and cartesian coordinates, and can display millimeter and inch value, and can shift it;
  • Linear compensation and section compensation availabe;
  • Z-axis can connect linear scale and rotate encoder;
  • save 100 permanent graphic elements.

Different between DP100 & DP300.




DP100 equips with two LCD, the small one is 256×32 lattice single color LCD, it is used to display some simple text data. The big one is Segment-Code LCD, it is used to display “Segment-Code” number, coordinate and other information. From the side, you can see the lattice single color LCD is higher than panel.




DP300 equips with a 320×240 lattice single color LCD, it can display more text data and graph than DP100, and the help reminder is more directly and easily to understand and operate. From the side, you can obviously see the difference between DP100 and DP300.